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Pest Control Inspection CT HUD Form NPMA-33Licensed CT Termite & Inspection professionals provide you with the certified inspection report you need on the proper form:

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"Do I really need a pest inspection?" It's a question home buyers often ask. A lot of the time they cost additional money and can uncover costly problems. But the reality is that what little you spend on an inspection could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Finding and treating termites or carpenter ants quickly could be the difference between a couple-hundred bucks and rebuilding an entire house.

We conduct thorough inspections and issue certifications promptly for any type of mortgage. Our inspectors will inform you of the presence of any wood destroying insects and point you in the right direction for remediation and treatment.

We maintain an extensive clientele of loyal real estate agents, lenders, and attorneys who have consistently relied upon us for speedy and professional results. We understand time is of the essence for you when you are in the middle of a real estate transaction.


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Pest Control Inspection CT: Holiday Tips to Keep Pests Away

Pest Control Inspection CT: Holiday Tips to Keep Pests Away We have put together this list of tips to help you prevent pests from spoiling your holiday fun this year: Clean up spills immediately and store holiday goodies in airtight containers. Before baking, inspect all food, especially dry goods for potential pests and check expiration dates. When grocery shopping, only purchase sealed packages that show no signs of damage. If a pantry-infestation is suspected, discard all contaminated foods and other open dry goods in outdoor trash bins and clean the infested area thoroughly with a vacuum and soap and water. Inspect Christmas trees, wreaths and other live greenery thoroughly before bringing into the house. Store all holiday decorations in plastic, airtight containers and when retrieving from the attic or basement, inspect them outdoors before bringing inside.  Store firewood off the ground and at least 20 feet away from the home.  Place screens over vents and openings to chimneys.  Vacuum and sweep often around the home. Many people in Connecticut will stand their trees up and leave them outside for a couple days to allow pests to get out of the tree before they bring the tree inside. Many termite and pest experts also recommend that you unpack your holiday decorations, such as holiday lights and ornaments for the tree outdoors, such as in a garage to avoid bringing bugs into your home. With the right precautions, you can prevent common problems with common pests this time of year. When in doubt call a CT pest control inspection...

Pest Control Inspection CT: Termite Prevention Tips

Pest Control Inspection CT – Termite Prevention Tips. Liquid treatments are the most conventional method of termite control. This is effective because it creates a treatment zone around your CT home, which keeps termites from entering. Termite Prevention Tips: Get rid of wood, cardboard debris and wood piles near the structure. Make sure there is proper ventilation in crawlspaces and basement. Reduce moisture buildup by keeping plants from coming into contact with outside walls. Do not allow wood or foam board to come into contact with soil. Make sure properly treated wood is used if wood must contact soil. Used lumber, furniture and other wooden articles should be carefully inspected for termite infestations. All windows, doors and vents, especially those in the attic, should be screened with 20 mesh screen to keep the reproductive insects from entering. Paint will give exposed wood protection against termite entry. Fill all cracks and crevices with putty or caulk before painting. Certain woods are naturally resistant to termite attacks. Among these are: heartwood of redwood, bald cypress, mahogany and Spanish cedar. Weathering, however, reduces the resistance. Fun termite fact: The queen of a certain termite species can lay 40,000 eggs per...

Mistakes Most of Us Make that Hinder Pest Control in our CT Homes

Pest Control Inspection CT – Mistakes Most of Us Make that Hinder Pest Control in our CT Homes Connecticut Homeowners often Ignore Past Pest Issues There’s an attitude in many things, not just pest control, that is basically “out of sight, out of mind.” As you’re probably aware, it means that if you don’t see something, you don’t think about it. In regards to pest control and pest control, it means that when you see pests or insects, you act right away to get rid of them. But once they’re gone, you let your guard down, which can allow them the opportunity to come back. Connecticut Homeowners neglect to Inspect Their Home on a Regular Basis On occasion, you will be alerted of the presence of pests when only a few have gotten inside, which will allow you time to take the steps necessary to protect your CT home before an infestation occurs. Inspect your home for pests on a regular basis. Having just a little bit of foresight can save you from a huge headache later on. Connecticut Homeowners sometimes don’t follow the advice of a Pest Control Inspection Expert. Some CT homeowners spend their hard-earned money on a professional only to ignore their advice. They won’t check water sources for leaks or discard their trash in a timely manner. That can be a dangerous game. Always be pro active where termites and pests are concerned. A pest control inspection can never...